Digitally Enhanced Medical Representative

New technology,combining face-to-face visits and remote interactions with physicians controlled by medical representative

  • Decrease in salesforce is a visible trend.
  • Salesforce downsizing has to be complemented by new effective channels for digital promotion.
  • Selection and development of proper approaches will grant the competitive edge in the changing environment.
  • Now the transformation is still in progress and some new technologies should appear and be tested.
  • The essence of this transformation is a shift from fully personal selling model to the combined model where Medical Representative plays a key role.
  • Medical Representative is a greatest promotional asset and the rep relationship is still valued by physicians. Though the economic realities dictate exploration of new cost-effective complementary technologies.
  • Therefore, modern MP should be equipped with new digital tools, trained to use them effectively and turn into a quick-access expert and data-navigator for their doctors.

Prima Acies presents the Hybrid Promotion technology,

where Medical Representative plays a key role and manages key interactions with physicians.

Hybrid promotion extends MR opportunities to:

  • Engage HPs with meaningful interactions to create a long-lasting and trustworthy dialogue
  • Build valuable partnership and relations with physicians
  • Influence their prescribing behavior to the benefit of physicians and their patients

Hybrid Promotion requires special cloud service revealing HP requirements and consistently delivering key messages in the series of self-guided learning modules with pre- and post-study testing

Digitally enhanced medical representative will:

  • Increase frequency and enrich quality of contacts with HP within available workload limits
  • Get access to the practice data and HP requirements and adjust the contacts acoordingly
  • Build personal network based on direct and valued connections with HPs
  • Become the virtual face of the brand
  • Increase productivity upto 50%

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